About SAIS

Shenzhen American International School(深圳深美国际学校) is an AdvancED accredited school which was established upon the approval of both the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Department of Education of Guangdong Province in May, 2005. SAIS provides quality education services to foreign nationals as well as students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

SAIS provides educational services to children beginning in preschool through twelfth grade, using American standards.  SAIS uses a unique Rigorous Project-Based Learning approach to supplement high-quality academic instruction with critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.  Students are engaged in real-world work when they do a project.  They apply their learning to a real problem, they create models and presentations, and they communicate their learning to the public.

SAIS is recognized all over the world as a leader in project-based learning and maker education, and SAIS faculty are in constant demand as speakers, presenters, and professional developers.

SAIS is located on the west side of SiHai Park, adjacent to the Shekou Youth Center and across from the Shekou Sports Center. The park is a 13.5 hectares learning lab for the study of flora, fauna, climate, air and water quality, as well as micro environments. SAIS student have access to both the Shekou Youth Center facilities and the athletic areas at Shekou Sports Center.

Shenzhen American International School opened its campus next to Si Hai Park  in Shekou in January,  2014. Shekou is home to the majority of the expatriate population working in and around Shenzhen.

The school building is recently remodeled and is part of the Shekou Youth Center complex. The structure was designed to have multi-use spaces for students to work on projects, to research, to  investigate and to explore.

The Shekou Youth Center facilities have also been renovated and include dance and music rooms,  badminton courts, martial arts rooms and the Ymm Art Center, all of which are accessible to SAIS  students. The 200 seat auditorium makes it possible to have student performances and presentations.

You are invited to make an appointment with the SAIS Admissions office to tour the site and learn more  about Shenzhen American International School.